Terms of Services

Last Update: July 15, 2016

These terms govern your use of Epitone and its services. By using our services, you agree to these terms.


Choice of Law

You agree that with your relationship with Epitone, a United States Company, you are bound by the laws of California and the laws of the United States

Oh my god do I have to write everything? fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...n

Your Content


You retain ownership and rights of your product. Epitone does not claim any ownership or rights to your product.

License to Your Content

Even though we don't own your poop, we do need certain licenses to your work. When you upload your work, in order to operate and enable the service, you grant Epitone a license to communicate and host your work, and make modifications or derivatives which is solely for the goal of better showcasing your work. We won't sell anything though. I don't know how to do the ecommerce stuff yet with databases. My other classmate does tho he did a forever 21 and hot topic love child shop site. But I didn't. We don't sell anything here shoo.

Sharing Your Content

By sharing your work to Epitone, you give users the right to share your content via social media platforms. Our services also provide you the right to limit the scope of use and access to your work to your content. You're responsible for those limitations on your content. It's your responsibility to let others know these limitations. I had LBM today. I pooped a ton. I'm filling up this paragraph with what is in my mind. Chris Evans is a cutie. Coco Martin is a cutie. Ian Veneracion is a cutie. Me? also a cutie.

Who can Use Epitone?

Service Eligibility

If you're 13 years old and above. yes. you're good. If you're 12.9 something or less go away, this site is not for you yet. There are cursy people here, like the developer of this site. This section was inspired from the one time tumblr's tou. Idk i thought it was funny. but yeah, you a kid, don't go here. no no baby. Drink milk and eat cookies or something. Help I can't curse too much it will hurt my site's SEO. Why Google??? Why must you like everything that is kids bop appropriate.

International Users

You're good, but we can't guarantee that you get all the features depending on your location. Services are not available in all languages yet. We're soaring. Flying.

User Conduct

Do not Abuse Services

Using Epitone's service to do unlawful, infringing, harmful, threatening, abusive, and hateful purposes can result for your account to go bye bye. Do not post work that isn't yours and take credit for it. Asshole.


Don't say you are someone or a representative of someone when you're not really legit representing that someone. I need to make this longer. Ah la la la la long. Ah la la la la long. Ah la la la la longlonglilonglonglong. I forgot how the actual song goes

Tell Us If You See Someone abusing the services

Honestly. Contact us if someone in this site is being a meanie.


Epitone is an online platform where music enthusiasts share their work and discover the work of others. It is hosted in the United States and operated from San Diego, California. We do not share any personal or private information. The only information from you that is shared are only the information you share through your public profile page. We also give you the right to whether or not you want to be contactable with your email through your profile. We will not use your private information for evil or hacky purposes. Like your that important to get hacked biach please.

Community Guidelines

Upload only your work.

Epitone is a platform to share your work, not for sharing the work you do not have credit for. If you want to show appreciation for someone's work, there is the like button and the comments panel to give them a feedback. Reposting other's work for your portfolio is not allowed and it's nasty. It can promote confusion of credit and who really created the work. If it ain't yours, lay off from uploading it.