Beach City

It would appear that the Crystal Gems have resided in Beach City nearly 200 years ago. After many months out at sea, the Crystal Gems as messengers of Rose Quartz, came across Bill Dewey's Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Captain William Dewey's ship and warned the captain and crew to turn back, as the land that would soon be known as Beach City was dangerous and not safe for humans. William Dewey, drifted across the sea until he and his crew encountered a huge storm and a giant Gem Monster. A four-armed gem fusion saved William Dewey and the ship to shore, and told the Captain to not reside on the land. William Dewey chose to stay on the land and the fusion accepted William's decision and informed him that she would most likely interfere again. The Crystal Gem's continue to reside in Beach City where they watch over and protect its inhabitants from danger and evil.

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