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Music Studio offers a complete music production environment for your iOS and or Android devices with features and a sound quality previously only known to desktop applications and expensive audio hardware.

Comes with an intuitive piano keyboard

Music Studio offers the most innovative keyboard with an 85-key clavier, velocity sensitive feature, instant key resizing and scrolling with gestures, chord buttons and chord programming, pitch wheel and filter, one tap recording with undo function, loop recording, fully configurable metronome, and sampler to create custom instruments and kit.

An ensemble in the palm of your hands.

Music Studio comes with 118 studio recorded instruments covering all musical styles like classic, jazz, rock, electronic and much more. Additional 60 instruments are available in add-on packages. The samples were recorded at 44kHz, 16bit with professional studio equipment to achive the best possible realism.


Pads that automatically adapt to instruments

Drum pads adapts to kits to trigger samples and provides chord pads for chromatic instruments with up to 36 pads that are velocity, inversion, octave, and key configurable and touch sensitive.

Track Panel

The multiple functionality of the track editor gives you an overview of your project.

Music Studio supports the best of iOS music hardware accessories

and many more!

Effects Panel

Augment your song by adding the rich repertory of real-time effects

The effects feature include reverb simulated from different rooms and halls, feedback delay, 3-band equalizer, resonant filter, amplifier, compressor, bit crusher, phaser, stereo widener, inter-app audio and audiobus support, and many more!

Project Panel

Export with MIDI compatibiliy and wav to smoothen your workflow

Export your song and continue editing it on your DAW. The app supports MIDI import and export, and up to to 44kHz 16bit stereo wav format. Share and upload via Email, Dropbox, SoundCloud, iCloud Drive, WiFi to desktop, and iTunes file sharing support.

Engine specs

  • 128 Polyphony
  • Optimized for older devices
  • Battery saving
  • Ultra low latency
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